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    October 31, 2018 Update

    Site development continues. If you need help or encounter an error not listed below, please email us.

    • Improved search bar lets you search by more vendor part numbers
    • Products now searchable by OEM UPC codes
    • New Securty in place to protect both the site and users
    • Registration forms updated
    • Various other tweaks and fixes

    Still In Development:
    • Compare items feature
    • Wishlist feature
    • User support forum

Engineering & Design

Manufacturing & Tooling

OEM & Aftermarket

EMP has exhaustively researched and developed ways to improve upon products that already exist in the market.

The cornerstone of EMP's distribution program has been our ability to supply volume, without sacrificing quality, by sourcing our own products.

EMP supplies extensively at the OEM level and in some categories our aftermarket volume is equivalent or higher than some OEM's.