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Engineered Marine Products offers only the best parts.

Many of our factories are ISO and QS certified and approved vendors to not only the marine industry, but also automotive, industrial, and even aerospace!

Items no other aftermarket producer offers...

Currently EMP supplies over 2,000 individual line items and is the first manufacturer to offer the option of an engineered resin or a stainless steel pump housing to replace the Mercruiser 46-807151 water pump.

... And items no one else in the world offers.

EMP is the exclusive manufacturer of the patented VRO System Replacement Pump (1399-07359), a non-oiling fuel pump for 90-250 HP v4/v6 Crossflow® and Looper® engines*.
* The VRO System Replacement Pump will not fit 60º application

When Quality Matters, choose Hydra Impellers ®.

Hydra Impellers® are produced in an OEM approved ISO 9001 factory. All impeller compounds are reviewed and verified every before each batch is run and every single impeller is tested for bond integrity.

EMP Provides only the best bearings available.

EMP chooses to only provide bearings that have been proven to to work consistently and with reliability made by the worlds top brands such as Timken®, Koyo®, and SKF®.

... in several styles ...

The Sea Water Pump is also available with a Stainless Steel housing.

Rubber Coated wear plates

EMP is proud to offer rubber coated wear plates in several of its pump kits. The rubber coating on these wear plates eliminate the need for a separate fiber gasket which often are damaged by the impeller during assembly. This allows for easier assembly of the water pumps and provides a superior seal. Plus, EMP’s rubber coated wear plates last twice as long as the traditional plate/gasket combination

Engineering & Design

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EMP has exhaustively researched and developed ways to improve upon products that already exist in the market.

Manufacturing & Tooling

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The cornerstone of EMP's distribution program has been our ability to supply volume, without sacrificing quality, by sourcing our own products.

OEM & Aftermarket

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EMP supplies extensively at the OEM level and in some categories our aftermarket volume is equivalent or higher than some OEM's.

Quality MattersTM

Image 4As competition continues to grow in a global economy, the need for cost controls and competitive pricing becomes even greater. This need has been critical in the growth of Engineered Marine Products® as a significant supplier to numerous manufacturers, nationally recognized brands, and re-builders.

For over 30 years, EMP has been successfully serving both the OEM and marine after-market by providing superior quality marine products at affordable prices. EMP is capable of supplying high-quality, reliable and competitive components by developing and purchasing thousands of tools and building trusted relationships with international manufacturing partners.

The disciplines in place at EMP permit us to operate as a fully independent unit– capable of employing unconventional methods to improve quality, reduce costs, amortize tooling and piece prices, and become a reliable and profitable sourcing alternative. Since its establishment, EMP has developed thousands of tools for both OEM and after-market requirements.

Due to the vast array of manufacturing disciplines that we employ we are able to approach each project from a variety of different angles. For example, a component that traditionally would be produced as an investment casting and then machined can be produced by EMP as an injection molded metal part. This process permits us to produce a part out of 8620 steel with zero machining requirements and 100% repeatability at a fraction of the original cost.


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The web page will be continuously updated, so check back often and see what is new at EMP!