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It was discovered last year that counterfeit versions of EMP's VRO System Replacement Pump (1399-07359) are being sold on EBAY and AMAZON.COM.


While we have been in contact with these sites to have these products removed as they are discovered, there, frankly, are too many for us to police.


This presents problems on many fronts, not the least of which, is consumers getting an inferior product that could end up damaging their boat’s engines. EMP cannot warranty these false pumps or be held responsible for any damage caused by them.


Be wary when purchasing an EMP product from a source with vendors that may seem suspicious. To ensure you have a genuine EMP product, refer to these tell tale signs to help distinguish between counterfeit and authentic EMP pumps...

EMP VRO Replacement Pump

Counterfeit Pumps

Now that you know your pump is authentic... do you install it? Will this pump fit my engine?


The 7359 is designed for 90° V4 (90-140 Hp) looper and V6  (150-235 Hp) looper & crossflow outboards. Due to spacing under the cowl, it will not work with the 60° models.


To learn more, you can download the 7359 Installation guide by clicking the image on the left.

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