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1. Did I buy a genuine EMP product?

Over the past year year, we have found that several counterfeit versions of some of our fuel pumps, most notable is the VRO System Replacement Pump (1399-07359), are being made overseas and sold on-line. [learn more].


2. How Do I install the VRO System Replacement pump?

To download a PDF of the installation guide [click here].


3. Something is wrong with a part purchased. what do i do?

Consumers who have purchased a part that does not appear to be working correctly should contact the vendor they purchased it from if it is still under that company's return window.

Dealers and consumers unable to return their products may contact EMP at (205) 216-0560 to make a warranty claim. Once a Warranty Claim Authorization Number has been obtained, the claim form must be filled ouyt and sent with the product. To learn more about EMP's 2 year warranty and to download a claim form [click here].


Engineering & Design

EMP has exhaustively researched and developed ways to improve upon products that already exist in the market.

Manufacturing & Tooling

The cornerstone of EMP's distribution program has been our ability to supply volume, without sacrificing quality, by sourcing our own products.

OEM & Aftermarket

EMP supplies extensively at the OEM level and in some categories our aftermarket volume is equivalent or higher than some OEM's.