"As competition continues to grow in a global economy, the need for cost controls and competitive pricing becomes even greater. This need has led to the growth of Engineered Marine Products as a significant supplier to numerous manufacturers, nationally recognized brands, and re-builders."


Winston Helling,

President, EMP

For over 30 years, Engineered Marine Products has been successfully serving both the OEM and marine after-market by providing superior quality , reliable, and competitive marine products at affordable prices .


Since its establishment, EMP has developed thousands of tools for both OEM and after-market requirements and has built trusted relationships with international manufacturing partners. This allows EMP to operate as a fully independent unit, capable of employing unconventional methods to improve quality, reduce costs, amortize tooling and piece prices, and become a reliable and profitable sourcing alternative.


Engineered Marine Products Serves Each Customer’s Individual Needs.


EMP recognizes that each company has a unique focus and cannot be well served by one strategy. We have many strengths which allow us to accomplish this goal. Most important is our ability to effectively engineer and source products in both the domestic and international markets.


EMP has developed several programs that benefit the diverse needs of our customer base. We are able to offer them the option of using a brand of products with a strong reputation for quality, or allow them to create a reputation of their own through private-labeling. In addition, we are able to supply parts for the large-scale production needs of an OEM or a rebuilder. We pride ourselves in treating every customer with the same personal and professional courtesy no matter how large or small their needs.


Due to the vast array of manufacturing disciplines that we employ we are able to approach each project from a variety of different angles. For example, a component that traditionally would be produced as an investment casting and then machined can be produced by EMP as an injection molded metal part. This process permits us to produce a part out of 8620 steel with zero machining requirements and 100% repeatability at a fraction of the original cost.


It Is Never “Just Business”.


One of the greatest benefits of doing business with EMP, and what continues to set us apart in our industry, is our desire and ability to develop and sustain true partnerships. We treat our customers and our vendors as friends, as well as partners. This practice has led to a high level of mutual respect which has allowed us to build what we believe to be the most competitive and comprehensive program available in the market today.




Beware of Counterfeit EMP Products

While it may not be the iPhone, we have recently been made aware that counterfeit versions of EMP's VRO System Replacement Pump (1399-07359) are being sold on EBAY and AMAZON.COM. While we are working with these retailers to try and get these items removed from their sites, it is impossible to remove all of these items from circulation.

We encourage consumers to be vigilant when ordering this product on-line and anyone who thinks they may have purchased one of these units to return it immediately. While it is possible these counterfeits could work, they are of inferior quality and can cause severe damage to a boat's engine. We encourage We have complied a counterfeit tell tale sign visual guide that you can download to help spot the fakes. Below is a quick run down of signs that the pump are looking at is not a genuine EMP part:

1. Color | The EMP pump's metal body is an antique gold color. The known counterfeits are either a brass or champagne in color.
2. Screws | EMP uses flat head screws in the assembly. The counterfeits are using Phillips head screws.
3. Gasket | The cover gaskets on the EMP pump are a light pink. The counterfeits are using black gaskets.
4. Reviews | The failure rate of the fakes has been extremely high, with the most common issue being loss of vacuum. If you see a one star review, the likelihood that it was a counterfeit is high.
5. Seller | Are they an actual marine part dealer, or are they also selling watches, cell phones, video games and underwear? While it may seem nice to be able to buy a fuel pump, the newest Samsung phone, and your tidy whities all at the same time, chances are they will all be fake; there will no fruit in those looms.
6. Location | Be aware, even if the product it says ships from Kentucky, New York or California, that does not mean you are dealing with an American company. Chinese companies will rent a warehouse in the US, drop-ship bulk items there where they are broken down and then shipped out, seemingly from a US company. Look at the seller information, not the product shipping info. EBAY will have the company's actual info below their info box, including country or origin:

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