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Our purpose at Engineered Marine Products is to serve each customer’s individual needs. We recognize that each company has a unique focus and cannot be well served by one strategy. We have many strengths which allow us to accomplish this goal. Most important is our ability to effectively engineer and source products in both the domestic and international markets.

EMP has been successfully serving the marine aftermarket for almost 20 years. In 1994, SealTech was acquired by Winston Helling, founder and former owner of Aqua Power and Super Gasket. Since that time SealTech has developed and purchased thousands of tools. This sets us apart in the industry because we have maintained ownership of this tooling, which allows us to offer OEM quality parts at every level. In 2013, Sealtech changed its name to Engineered Marine Products to better reflect its product offerings.

EMP has developed several programs that benefit the diverse needs of our customer base. We are able to offer them the option of using a brand of products with a strong reputation for quality, or allow them to create a reputation of their own through private-labeling. In addition, we are able to supply parts for the large-scale production needs of an OEM or a rebuilder. We pride ourselves in treating every customer with the same personal and professional courtesy no matter how large or small their needs.

We believe that it is never “just business”. One of the greatest benefits of doing business with SealTech, and what continues to set us apart in our industry, is our desire and ability to develop and sustain true partnerships. We treat our customers and our vendors as friends, as well as partners. This practice has led to a high level of mutual respect which has allowed us to build what we believe to be the most competitive and comprehensive program available in the market today.