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The Engineered Marine Products 2017 Product Catalog has printed and is now available. To get your catalog use the contact page and request a free copy. (Please allow 2 to 3 weeks delivery). Don't want to wait? No problem, just visit our catalog link above and you can either flip through our electron catalog, or download PDFs of the catalog.


All Engineered Marine Products® gears are specifically designed as matched sets (Fwd, Pin & Rev) to ensure and elevate the level of quality. Therefore, these specially engineered gears should not be used to mate with other vendors and should always be installed as a complete set. What makes EMP gears so special? EMP gears are proudly produced in the USA with high grade American steel. EMP knows there are other sources but, in such a critical application, we chose to align ourselves with manufacturers that have decades of gear forging, grinding, and heat treatment experience. So, when it is time to replace worn out gears, choose the gears that have been time tested in both pleasure and commercial environments: EMP gears.
THE TRUTH ABOUT HYDRA® IMPELLERS No one compound is capable of providing the performance required by all impellers. That is why we have spend years developing and testing the hundreds of individual compounds used to create Hydra® Impellers. All Hydra® Impellers are manufactured to meet and exceed the requirements of the rigorous marine environment. Many Hydra® Impellers are used by OEM manufacturers worldwide in everything from small one cylinder outboards to the huge inboard impellers used on commercial fishing vessels. EMP offers an extensive range of impellers for the following brands: You can count on the quality of Hydra® Impellers, because at EMP, Quality Matters®.